Thursday, July 4, 2013

The six talking rubbish

Once upon time i went to the beach when i got their it felt like there was something talking because of the whispering.then mum said that we could play.when we were finish swimming and playing and making big sand castles.then it was time to eat i had a Sam which in glade wrap then i went to put my rubbish in the rubbish bin when i went to... the rubbish bin opened its lid and said hi my name is Lilly my name is cool my name is blossom my name is sleepy my name is pinkie and my name is purple they were very nice so they let me put my rubbish in then i notice that their were heaps of rubbish on the hole area was full of rubbish everywhere i was standing then the rubbish bins all said we will open our lids and you can put the rubbish in so they did and the girl put all the rubbish in the bin then mum called me to go home so we got in the car and went home the end.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

pizza party

We had a pizza party on Friday Mrs pithy bridges last day at first the teacher put a pizza do on the tubal then we put on the topping.Our pizza was Hawaiian pizza.We put on cheeses tomato past ham a little of salami on one side then we put the ham on and a little of herb. our teacher put it in the oven two cook. then Mrs pithy brig chose some people to go to the stuff room and get the pizza and to bring it over to the class I got chose but not the hole class did not.we brought the pizza back to the class  we got fizz with the pizza then when we were finish we got chose to have cake when we were finished the cake we got to run around the Field. at the end of the day we cave Mrs pithy brig a good by card and Mrs pithy brig cave us a card then we cave Mrs pithy  brig  hug or a hand shake and then we all went home. From Manaia