Sunday, September 29, 2013

chocolate cake

Look at all these yummy chocolate cakes tale me which one you like. I cant wait to go back to school after the school holidays.I hope everyone is having fun she you later.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lost in a corn field

Lost in a corn field
One day I went to the corn maze with my friend Emily. We packed our bags and went. As we got further into the maze we found gold. It was as shiny as the sun and as gold as the corn in the corn field. The next row had 10 chickens. They looked like they were going to bite us so we past them. We saw one BIG BIG monster on the next row so we ran past him. Next was one, two, three BIG chocolate cakes so we took a plate and munched it on the way. Then we noticed we were trapped! AAAhhhhh!  Emily and I screamed. There was a big shiny light... to be continued...      

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Can you Infer what I am ? 

1 I am colourful
you put me on your hair
I make your hair pretty?

2 I am big 
I have big floppy ears
I have four legs?

3 I am big
I am tall
and I eat leaves?


Koru art

Thursday, September 5, 2013

...suddenly I heard a crack.. Once there was a girl named Rosy and her mums name was Ana an her dads name was Ken. She had a older brothers and one sister. Named Rose. And rosy went to middle School. one day she walk home excitedly because it was her birthday today. she wondered what would her birthday cake look like and what she would have for dinner. she just remembered that she had a friend coming over for a sleep over. When she got home she smelt her favourite dinner an she saw her cake but it was covered her then she heard a horn beep it was her friend . her friend name was Hannah when every think was finished they went to her bedroom but while they were sleeping there was a crack when they woke up in the morning dad fixed and they lived happily .